How to Buy

At we already provides you with simple online buying system. You just follow the instruction from your Shopping Cart to Check Out step in just a few seconds. Here is the details:


  • After you have choose your products at our product catalog, just simply click ADD button. Once its clicked your products will be added to your shopping bag. You can contuniue shopping as you like
  • If you think you've finished your shopping, simply click Item number with shopping basket icon on the top of the page. And then click Checkout
  • You'll be redirected to Order Step 2 Page if you haven't register or login. Just login or register before continue
  • After you've logged in, you will be redirected to Finish Order page, confirm your shipping address and your order here. After that click Submit, to submit your order
  • Your order has been submitted. Check your email inbox to view the purchase invoice from
  • Make a payment and confirm it from your Account Page
  • You'll recieved your order in 1-2 days